Antonio Escohotado Espinosa (Madrid, July 5, 1941) is a Spanish philosopher, essayist and university professor whose works, although focused mainly on law, philosophy and sociology, have addressed a wide variety of fields. He gained public notoriety for his research on drugs, and his anti-prohibitionist positions are known. The leitmotif of his work is an affirmation of freedom as an antidote to fear or the constraints that push the human being towards all kinds of servitude.

Escohotado declared more than once “not to have any other stimulus than self-clarification, nor a compass other than to find out how each thing is born and ends” Thus, his work has developed as a process of self-learning of the variety of topics that he addresses by applying a method of genealogical analysis, a historical approach that organizes information chronologically and is suspicious of taxonomies.

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